ICMFS Guest Society Session | Baku, Azerbaijan

Recently, Azerbaijan Society of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons organized their 2nd International Congress in Baku, Azerbaijan in October. This event was a milestone for the International College of Maxillofacial Surgeons (ICMFS) conducted the “Guest society session” by the Conference President, Prof. Chingiz Rahimov, who is also the Vice President of ICMFS. Prof. Dr. Balaji SM, the Secretary General of ICMFS, was instrumental in planning and conducting the ICMFS Guest society session, which was well-received. He chaired the session alongside Prof. Chingiz Rahimov, the ICMFS Vice President. The session was enriched by six insightful lectures delivered by distinguished professionals.

The session featured enlightening lectures from esteemed professionals. Prof. Jean Paul Meningaud from France shared his 10-year experience in facial feminization surgery. Dr. İvana Petrovic from the USA discussed the long-term functional and aesthetic outcomes after fibula free flap reconstruction of the mandible. Prof. Mustafa Sancar Ataç from Turkey presented on Total prosthetic replacement of TMJ in adults with type IV ankylosis. Prof. Sajjad Walji from the Netherlands lectured on nasal reconstruction. Prof. İqor Reşhetov from Russia elaborated on the national experience in the interdisciplinary approach in Head and Neck pathology. Lastly, Prof. Balaji shared his extensive experience of over three decades in treating orbital dystopias in children and adults with craniofacial deformities. All presentations were a reflection of the speaker’s proficiency and dedication to the advancement of maxillofacial surgery and skull reconstruction. The conference served as a valuable platform for ICMFS to engage with global peers, promoting a culture of mutual learning and teaching. The knowledge exchange was advantageous for all participants, reinforcing ICMFS commitment to ongoing professional growth and knowledge dissemination.

Beyond the guest society session, ICMFS Vice president, Prof. Chingiz and Secretary General Prof. Balaji also convened a council meeting (in the absence of President, Prof. Adi Rachmiel, Israel) where he engaged with numerous councillors and supporters of the ICMFS from various parts of the world. The meeting was fruitful with introspection and suggestions for enhancing the visibility of the college. These kind of constant engaging ICMFS activities further solidifies ICMFS standing and reflects dedication of the organization. 

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