31st World Congress of ICMFS in Tel Aviv, Israel

Congress president A. Rachmiel and his team were successful in preparing a high level congress (350 participants from 35 countries ) with more than 20 invited speakers, AO-seminar and 21 sponsors in conjunction with the Annual Conference of the Israeli Association for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. in the Hilton-Hotel. The event gave many possibilities to learn and exchange experiences with various medical specialists. J.R. Westine/USA was confirmed as Honorary-president. Milan R. Knezevic from Las Palmas/ Spain was elected as new ICMFS president, A. Rachmiel, Israel as vice-president. H.-A. Gitt / Germany was confirmed as Fellow of ICMFS, M. Rana/ Germany was proposed as treasurer-elect. The presidium asked councillor S.M.Balaji,  India for preparing the next congress (“Golden Jubilee” of IAMFS/ ICMFS) in the Republic of Seychelles in 2020.

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