International College for Maxillo-Facial-Surgery

(founded in Leipzig,1970 as International Association for Maxillo-Facial-Surgery)
§ 1

The International College for Maxillo-Facial-Surgery (ICMFS) is an independent, not for profit international scientific union of persons performing operations in the oral, maxillofacial region.

§ 2

The International College for Maxillo-Facial-Surgery was founded in Leipzig/Germany 1970 as International Association for Maxillo-Facial-Surgery.
Name changing by the General Assembly was in Leuven /Belgium 1993.

§ 3

The objective of the ICMFS is to stimulate and exchange scientific experiences in the field of maxillofacial surgery. The ICMFS arranges congresses, symposiums and other learning experiences for the enhancement of world health care.

§ 4

Members of the College shall consist of:

  1. corporate members (regional, national or state societies and studygroups);

  2. individual members;

  3. honorary members;

  4. fellows.

§ 5

A member of the ICMFS must be qualified or certified to legally perform operations in the oral maxillofacial region in his or her country.
Applications for membership shall be approved by the Presidium with a simple majority vote.

§ 6

A honorary membership may be proposed by members of the ICMFS in writing to the Presidium.
Honorary membership shall be approved by a simple majority vote of the Presidium.

§ 7

The nomination to “Fellow of the International College for Maxillo-Facial-Surgery” is an honour awarded for special service to the College. The honour is proposed by a member of the Presidium and requires unanimity of votes by the Presidium.*
The Fellow receives a letter of acknowledgement and is recognized by the President of ICMFS at the next suitable opportunity.

Fellows have the right to add to their names”F.I.C.M.F.S.” as title.

§ 8

The executive body of the ICMFS is the General Assembly. It consists of all members,and is convened every second year. The General Assembly decisions are by simple majority of votes. Members can vote by proxy, with a maximum each of five votes representing others.
Tievotes are decided by the president or, in his absence, by the chairman of the General Assembly. The General Assembly is convened by the President. Members are to be notified two months in advanced. The General Assembly receives direction from and acts upon the reports of the Presidium.

§ 9

Daily activities of the ICMFS are conducted by the President and the Secretary-General as requested.

§ 10

The Presidium consists of the President, the Past-president, the Honorary-president, the Secretary-General, the Treasurer and 4 to 10 Vice-presidents and Councillors.
The Presidium approves a budget and appoints an audit committee to oversee the financial business of the ICMFS.

§ 11

The presidium members are elected for a term of four years by the General Assembly by simple majority of votes. Reelection is possible.

§ 12

The presidium meetings and the General Assembly are convened and led by the President or at his/her request by a member of the Presidium. A quorum is a majority of the Presidium.

§ 13

As necessary, temporary committees may be appointed by the Presidium and by the President.

§ 14

Dues are determined by the Presidium of the ICMFS and all members shall be informed thereof.
Honorary members are free of contribution.

§ 15

The financial year begins January 1st and ends December 31st.

§ 16

Members shall pay until the end of the financial year. In the event of unpaid dues, two notices will be sent within the next twelve months. If dues are still unpaid the Presidium may suspend the member.

§ 17

For each scientific meeting, a Scienific programm Chairman or Congress President will be appointed by the Presidium.
The main topics of the scientific event will be determined after consultation with the Presidium.

§ 18

ICMFS shall publish informations related to ICMFS at,
edited by the Secretary-General.

§ 19

The official language of the ICMFS is English.

§ 20

Changes of the Bylaws shall be proposed to the presidium in writing. Proposed changes shall be discussed in the General Assembly, where they require a two thirds majority votes for adoption.

§ 21

ICMFS may be disbanded by a three quarters’ vote of the General Assembly. Notification of such meeting must be given one year in advance.
In case of disbandment of the ICMFS the treasury will be donated to the “International Foundation for Children with Craniofacial Disorders”.

Executed at the 27th Congress of ICMFS in Bad Hofgastein/Austria on March 7th, 2013.


Milorad Mesterovic
President of ICMFS
Hans-Albrecht Gitt
Seretary-General of ICMFS