past events



31. Congress of ICMFS

10/29/2019 - 11/01/2019
Tel Aviv / Israel

Congresspresident A.Rachmiel and his team were successful in preparing a highlevel congress (350 participants from35 countries ) with more than 20 invited speakers, AO-seminar and 21 sponsors in conjunction with the Annual Conference of the Israeli Association for Oral
and Maxillofacial Surgery. in the Hilton-Hotel. The event gave many possibilities to learn and exchange experiences with various medical
J.R. Westine/USA was confirmed as Honorary-president. Milan R.Knezevic from Las Palmas/ Spain was elected as new ICMFS-president,
A.Rachmiel/ Israel as vice-president. H.-A.Gitt / Germany was confirmed as Fellow of ICMFS, M.Rana/ Germany was proposed as
The presidium asked councillor S.M.Balaji/ India for preparing the next congress (“Golden Jubilee” of IAMFS/ ICMFS) in the Republic of Seychelles in 2020.


30. Congress of ICMFS

09/21/2017 - 09/24/2017
Boston / USA

Vice-president B. Bojovic had prepared as congresspresident a very high level meeting in the beautiful historic city Boston/MA. In one of the oldest cities of the United States we came together in the Marriott Longwharf, nearby the harbour, an ideal venue for this four days. The agenda with seven general sessions made it possible for us to learn and discuss not only international experiencies but also those of the world renowned scientific community of the Boston area.

On September 22nd the Secretary-general H.-A. Gitt could present a first analysis of the permanent symposium, starting in 2013, over four years. At the last evening congresspresident B. Bojovic had invited all to a reception in very cooperative atmosphere in the Marriott.

The presidium meeting (on September 23rd) confirmed the current presidium positions for the next four years and the plans for the next meeting in Tel Aviv in 2019.


29.Congress of ICMFS

10/05/2015 - 10/09/2015
Limassol / Cyprus

Congresspresident Mrs. Z.Nicolaou was very successful in organizing an excellent meeting.

510 participants from 47 countries came to Cyprus. We had 20 keynote lectures, 2 panel discussions, 3 symposia, 6 masterclasses, 11 sessions with 118 oral presentations and 40 e-posters. Furthermore guest society sessions (IAOO, European, Belgian, Hellenic, Israeli, Serbian associations and Mount Vernon Cancer Network).

The presidium gave awards to international very famous colleagues (Knezevic, Laskin, Martis, Shah).

The social programm with local and historical impressions underlined an unforgetable event.


28. Congress of ICMFS

11/25/2014 - 11/28/2014
Cancun / Mexico

As congresspresident T. Kimura had organized a scientific event with 12 symposiums and numerous freepaper lectures.Speakers from 17 countries came to Mexico exchanging their experiencies on a high level.A great poster session and an industrial exhibition completed the congress.
The social programm was impressive with regional folklore.

Mrs. Z. Nicolaou (Cyprus) was elected as one of the vice-presidents.
J.P.Shah (USA) was confirmed by the presidium as Honorary member of ICMFS.

A report by the director of the IFCCD J.R.Westine gave interesting informations about the worldwide activities of the foundation.


27. Congress of ICMFS

03/04/2013 - 03/09/2013
Bad Hofgastein / Austria

Congresspresident C. Krenkel was successful in preparing and organizing a high level scientific event. International topspeaker from 21 countries came to Austria like D.M.Laskin (TMJ), J. Shah (oncology), B. Bojovic and B. Devauchelle (maxillofacial transplantation) and so on.

B. Bojovic, Maryland (USA), Mrs. Z.Nicolaou-Ioannou, Limassol (Cyprus) and Y.Yoshihiro, Fukuoka (Japan) became new councillors.

H.-A. Gitt (Germany) was reelected as Secretary-General.


26. Congress of ICMFS

Maspalomas, Gran Canaria / Spain

(8th Congress of ICMFS/26th Congress of the group IAMFS/ICMFS)

Congresspresident Milan R. Knezevic had organized an interesting meeting with participants from 25 countries (97 oral presentations, 76 posters) and a symposium for nurses and other medical staff.

Milorad Mesterovic (Serbia) was elected as new president of ICMFS.

M.R. Knezevic (Spain) and C.Krenkel, (Austria) are new councillors.


25. Congress of ICMFS

10/27/2010 - 10/30/2010
Belgrade / Serbia

(7th Congress of ICMFS/25th Congress of the group IAMFS/ICMFS) joint with 13th Congress of Serbian Assoc. of Maxillofacial Surgeons and 2nd Meeting of Maxillofacial Surgeons of Balkan.

Under the presidentship of N. Jovic, M. Mesterovic and V. Konstantinovic we had a great meeting with participants from 23 countries.
As new vice-presidents were elected: R. Kisnisci (Turkey); M. Mesterovic (Serbia) and Thet Hta Way (Myanmar).

Honorary members of the Serbian Association of Maxillofacial Surgeons on occasion of the Congress (2010)

K. Mogi (Japan)
H.-A. Gitt (Germany)


6. Congress of ICMFS (24th Congress of the group IAMFS/ICMFS)

05/22/2008 - 05/25/2008
Shanghai / China

 in conjunction with 12.ICOOC

Under presidentship of Wei-liu Qiu the organization committee (Executive:
Chen-ping Zang) had prepared a meeting with high scientific level for participants from 12 countries.

Kenji Mogi (Japan) was elected as new president of ICMFS


Annual Meeting

Kathmandu / Nepal

(Prashanta Shrestha)


Presidium meeting

03/29/2007 - 04/01/2007
Madrid / Spain

The members discussed meetings for the future and the work of the Foundation for Children with Cranio-Facial-Disorders. Visit of University hospital

(Prof. C. Navarro Vila)


Annual Meeting

Grado / Italy

in Conjunction with ICOOC

K. Mogi was elected as president-elect, as vice-presidents El Mardenly from Egypt
and Mrs. V. Kozelj from Slovenia.


Presidium meeting

12/02/2005 - 12/04/2005
London / UK

(organized by Secretary-General H.A. Gitt).

On December 3rd the presidium was invited for visiting the Eastman Dental Institute for Oral Health Care Sciences.


5. Congress of the International College

06/09/2005 - 06/11/2005
Maebashi / Japan

(K. Mogi) participants from 14 countries.

Vicepresident K. Mogi was successful in organizing a great scientific programm. Following the opening ceremony (president J.R. Westine and honorary-president M. Shimizu). During two days a programm for international speakers was prepared. Scientists like Shimizu, Seto, Mori, Kanda, Kimura and other presented their experiences.

Honorary members of the Japanese Society for Oral Tumors on occasion of the
5th Congress of ICMFS (2005)

E. Fossion (Belgium)
H.-A. Gitt (Germany)


First African Congress on Implantology

02/06/2004 - 02/08/2004
Sousse / Tunesia

(M. Baccouche).

ICMFS was presented by E. Fossion.


4. Congress of the International College

11/27/2003 - 11/29/2003
Mexico-City / Mexico

with the Nikkei Association (40th Anniversary) and Mexican Society

(T. Kimura)


Conjuction Congress with the Cuban Society

11/11/2002 - 11/14/2002
Havanna / Cuba

(J.F. Basulto), participants from 10 countries.

J.R. Westine introduced the first time the plan for the foundation for “Children with craniofacial abnormalities”. K. Mogi, T. Kimura, H.-A. Gitt confirmed this plan.


3. Congress

08/06/2001 - 08/11/2001
Guatemala – City / Guatemala

(R. Asensio) with post-congress meeting in Mexico City / Mexico, August 14, 2001 (T. Kimura, J.R. Westine), Key note speaker: D. Laskin.

New president is J.R.Westine (USA),  M.Shimizu (Japan) became Honorary-President.
H.-A. Gitt (Germany) was elected as Secretary-General, E. Fossion (Belgium) become Vice-President.


2. Congress

06/02/1998 - 06/06/1998
Vienna / Austria

(R. Fischer)

Special International Programm in Washington D.C. / USA April 20, 2000 (J.R. Westine).

Presidium meeting 1999 during the ACOMS-meeting in Orlando.


2. Symposium

12/12/1997 - 12/15/1997
Cancun / Mexico

T. Kimura (Mexico) was elected as president, M. Shimizu (Japan) became Past- president and M. Cvetinovic (Yugoslavia) was elected as new vice-president.


Joint meeting with the Kuwait Dental Association

03/27/1996 - 03/30/1996
Kuwait-City / Kuwait

(B.E. Al-Mahmed)


1. Congress of the International College

09/13/1995 - 09/16/1995
Mexico-City / Mexico

T. Kimura (Mexico) was elected as president-elect.

Visiting professors of the Mexican Academy of Surgery on occasion of the 1st Congress of the ICMFS (1995) M. Champy (France) H.-D. Pape (Germany) H.-A. Gitt (Germany) M. Shimizu (Japan)


1. Workshop

12/02/1994 - 12/04/1994
London / UK

(M. Shimizu , E. Fossion) The topic “Training of Maxillo-Facial-Surgeons in five continents“ analyzed the situation at this time.


1. Symposium of the International College for Maxillo-Facial-Surgery

San Antonio / USA

(J.E. Bauerle , J.R. Westine)


18. Congress

07/29/1993 - 07/31/1993
Leuven / Belgium

(E. Fossion)

The General Assembly agreed unosono the name changing in
International College for Maxillo-Facial-Surgery.

The new bylaws were presented by H.-A. Gitt (Germany) and revised by J.R. Westine 
and Ph. Boyne (USA)

The First presidium of the International College

M. Shimizu (Japan) E. Fossion (Belgium) H.-J. Hochstein (Germany) H.-A. Gitt (Germany) B.E. Al-Mahmeed (Kuwait) J.E. Bauerle (USA) D. Hatzifotiadis (Greece) J.W. Kim (South Korea) T. Kimura (Mexico) L. Kryst (Poland) J. Petres (Germany) N. Plotnikov (Russia) J.R. Westine (USA) Ph. Worthingtion (USA)


7. Symposium

09/09/1992 - 09/11/1992
Seattle / USA

(Ph. Worthington)


Honorary members of the Russian Association on occasion of the 17th Congress of the IAMFS

E. Fossion (Belgium) H.-A. Gitt (Germany) H. Obwegeser (Switzerland) M. Shimizu (Japan)


17. Congress

06/24/1992 - 06/26/1992
St. Petersburg / Russia

(N. Plotnikov , V. Koslov)


6. Symposium

05/31/1991 - 06/02/1991
Kassel / Germany

(J. Petres)


16. Congress

03/31/1991 - 04/03/1991
Oita / Japan

(M. Shimizu) The General Assembly elected M. Shimizu (Japan) as President-elect, E. Fossion (Belgium) as Secretary-General, J.E. Bauerle (USA) and J. Petres (Germany) as Vice-presidents.


Annual meeting

09/19/1990 - 09/21/1990
Bratislava / Czechoslovakia

(J. Satko)


15. Congress

05/14/1990 - 05/16/1990
Belgrade / Jugoslavia

(M. Cvetinovic / M. Mesterovie)

Corresponding members of the Cuban Society on occasion of the 14th Congress of the IAMFS (1989)

H. Cadenat (France), R. Bencini (Italy), R. Erdely Canada), H.-A. Gitt (Germany), R. Schultz (USA), M. Shimizu (Japan), J.R. Westine (USA)


14. Congress

04/12/1989 - 04/14/1989
Havana / Cuba

(N. D´ou Ason) The presidium was confirmed by the General Assembly. N. D´on Ason / Cuba became a Vice-president.


2. Workshop

03/03/1989 - 03/05/1989
St.Poelten / Austria

(R. Fischer)


5. Symposium

06/29/1988 - 07/01/1988
Miscolc / Hungary

(A. Ditroi, A. Ackermann)


13. Congress

05/11/1988 - 05/15/1988
Szczecin / Poland

(S. Kowaliky, L. Kryst)


1. Workshop

03/04/1988 - 03/06/1988
Recklinghausen / Germany

(J. Dieckmann)


12. Congress

09/16/1987 - 09/19/1987
Clermont-Ferrand / France

(G.Peri) K.Pape / Germany was elected as Secretary – General


Annual meeting

04/23/1986 - 04/25/1986
Baden / Austria

(R. Fischer)


The presidium starting from 1985




Secretary General



H.Cadenat (France)

H.G. Bruck (Austria)

D. Hatzifotiadis (Greece)

W. Bethmann (Germany)

H.-J. Hochstein (Germany)

H.-A. Gitt (Germany)


B. Berenyi (Hungary)

L. Bernstein (USA)

E. Fossion (Belgium)

H.Z. Konuralp (Turkey)

L. Kryst (Poland)

N. Plotnikov (Russia)

V. Popescu (Romania)

M. Shimizu (Japan)

J. Toman (Czechoslovakia)

Ph. Worthington (USA)


K. Pape (Germany)

New members in the presidium were:
H.Cadenat (France)
B. Berenyi (Hungary)
H. Kleine-Natrop (Germany)
K.Pape became editor of the Acta Chir. Max.-Fac., an organ of the IAMFS.


2. Congress

09/01/1976 - 09/03/1976
Basle / Switzerland

(B. Spiessl)


4. Symposium

10/01/1975 - 10/03/1975
Budapest / Hungary

(B. Berenyi)


3. Symposium

06/23/1974 - 06/28/1974
Baden / Austria

(H.G. Bruck)


2. Symposium

10/10/1973 - 10/12/1973
Istanbul / Turkey



1. Congress

05/08/1972 - 05/13/1972
Dresden / Germany

(W. Bethmann)


1. Symposium

10/01/1971 - 10/06/1971
Istanbul / Turkey

(H.Z. Konuralp)


A dream of founders

05/21/1970 - 05/24/1970
Leipzig / Germany

It was a dream of the founders to create an international association with interdisciplinary character uniting all specialities dealing with the maxillofacial region. Following this vision they founded in Leipzig (Germany), May 21-24,1970 the International Association for Maxillo-Facial-Surgery.


Secretary General

H.G. Bruck (Austria)

W. Bethmann (Germany)


L. Bernstein (USA)

H. Brückner (Germany)

H.Z. Konuralp (Turkey)

L. Lebourg (France)

V. Popescu (Romania)

F. Urban (Czechoslovakia)


H.-J. Hochstein (Germany)