International College

For Maxillo-facial-Surgery

Dear colleagues,

NOTE: Bylaws in dicussion, see Link “About ICMFS/Bylaws“, waiting for your comments.

starting in 1970 the International Association for Maxillo-Facial-Surgery worked to improve the quality of maxillofacial Surgery by increasing mutual education and cooperation between interested colleagues and centres. But there was always a different way in comparison to other monospeciality groups.

You all know that the scientific world is developing constantly. New disciplines arise, other will go down. Round the world there are recognized specialities besides “maxillo-facial-surgery”, like “oral surgery”, “oral and maxillo-facial- surgery”, “cranio-maxillo-facial- surgery” and so on.

And all this happens with regional and specific variations.

The IAMFS did not want to add to the confusion.

To reaffirm the difference between the IAMFS and other groups and to stress our scientific and educational aims the General Assembly decided in 1993 a name changing in “International College for Maxillo-Facial-Surgery”. That seemed to be a small step, but for us it was an important point.
The International College wants to create an international network of friends who may help each other to qualify our professional field in many different regions worldwide.

The last years have shown that this is a way to go.

ICMFS permanent symposium

Resulting from our “permanent symposium“ (2013-2017) and personal experiencies as maxillofacial
surgeon for many years and ICMFS-presidiummember I could notice several regional and personal
discrepancies in our wonderful profession worldwide, especially in the training of our young doctors
and also in the coordination of our meetings.

A vision

for the future

We have so many local, regional and international groups, societies, associations and colleges, but not all talk together and respect the other really. To strengthen and improve our profession and resulting a better patients care, it could be a vision for the future to create a global „platform“ for all these groups. The name (federation, union and so on) is not so important like to meet and to stay in
cooperative contact. Other medical branches do this already.

Sincerely yours
H.-A. Gitt, M.D., D.M.D.

Dr. H.-A. Gitt, MD, DMD