ICMFS Guest Society Session at the TAOMS Conference

ICMFS Guest Society Session at the TAOMS Conference: A Resounding Success

The 30th conference of the Turkish Association of Maxillofacial Surgeons (TAOMS) recently concluded, marking a significant milestone in the field of maxillofacial surgery. The event was meticulously organized, and we owe our deepest gratitude to the TAOMS President and our ICMFS councillor from Turkey, Prof. Dr. Mustafa. His generosity in providing ICMFS with the Guest Society session and his exceptional organizational skills contributed significantly to the success of the meeting. At every possible place, he diligently and magnanimously promoted ICMFS. Our ICMFS logo was showcased ensuring our presence. We owe him a big thanks.

ICMFS Councillors’ Contributions and Distinguished Surgeons’ Presentations

Our ICMFS councillors deserve special recognition for their remarkable contributions to the session. The session happened on 20th November with Prof. Chingiz Rahimov, our Vice President and Dr. Mustafa chairing the ICMFS guest society session. Prof. Aysegul Tuzuner, a respected Cleft surgeon and ICMFS councillor, shared her expertise and approach on the topic “Surgical Approaches in Patients with Primary and Secondary Cleft Lip Palate”. Her insights were invaluable and provided a fresh perspective on the subject. The next lecture was given by our VP, ICMFS. Prof. Chingiz delivered an enlightening talk on “Orbital Reconstruction: New Aspects in Diagnosis and Reconstructions”, providing new insights into this complex field.

Prof. Riaz Khan, a distinguished surgeon with a vast archive of diverse cases, presented some intriguing instances from his collection. His surgical prowess and innovative approach were evident in his presentation titled “Head and Neck Oncology: A Real Challenge”. Prof. Khan’s dedication to his field is commendable, having trained over 200 surgeon-research scholars from his unit in Pakistan.

Prof. Mohammed Sartawi, a renowned surgeon from the Middle East, shared his insights and experiences. Known for his expertise in Access Osteotomy to the brain, Prof. Satarwi is pushing the boundaries of Craniofacial Surgery. His presentation, “Craniomaxillofacial Reconstruction”, provided valuable insights into his work on some of the most complex and rare cases. Finally, Prof. S. M. Balaji, Secretary of ICMFS, spoke on the management of Craniofacial Clefts.

The ICMFS Guest Society meeting was a great success and well received by all delegates. I am thankful to all the speakers and the host, Dr. Mustafa and conference President, Dr. Sirma for their support. This event has undoubtedly set a high standard for future conferences and has further strengthened the bond within the ICMFS community.

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