News and reports

Second presidium meeting and General Assembly of ICMFS during the 29th ICMFS-Congress

09.10.2015 in Limassol

  1. Report on the activities of the Foundation (J.R.Westine). The General-Assembly thanked him for his valuable work. The director asked for new projects.
  2. Thanks again to congresspresident and committee in Limassol (M.Mesterovic). Z.Nicolaou thanked for the possibility to prepare and organize this congress. We had 510 participants from 47 countries!
  3. Report of the Secretary-General (H.-A. Gitt): a) numerous new membership applications; b) Corporate members from Brazil(new), Japan, Mexico, Serbia, Philippines; c) permanent symposium is continued until 2017.
  4. Strategic lines for the next years: a) a forum for young doctors is proposed by I.Petrovic. The president asked her to make proposals to the presidium; b) resulting from the permanent symposium and in narrow cooperation with other professional organizations should be create recommandations to improve and standardize the training in our profession (H.-A.Gitt).
  5. Election or reelection by the General Assembly for the next four years: M.Mesterovic (Pres.), M.Shimizu (Hon.-Pres.), H.-A. Gitt (Secr.-Gen.), H.-J. Hochstein (Treasurer), J.R.Westine (Dir.of IFCCD); Vice-Presidents: B.Bojovic(new), T.Kimura, Z.Nicolaou-Ioannaou;
    Councillors: R.Asensio, L.Gonzales, E.Kalimeras(new), M.R.Knezevic, M.Mori, I.Petrovic (new), A.Rachmiel (new), Y.Yoshihiro.
  6. Next congresses: Boston in June 2017 with B.Bojovic as congresspresident. Other destinations, for which the presidium members will work, are Russia (M.R. Knezevic), Austria (M.Mesterovic/H.-A. Gitt), Israel (Z.Nicolaou-Ioannou) and Philippines.
    ICMFS will take part in a to decided form in the IAOO-congress in India in May 2017.
  7. Discussion about the fees: Until the next presidium meeting unchanged. But an increase is necessary. European members can pay by using the IBAN. B.Fomete asked for different fees for some countries. The decision will be later.