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Reflections on the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery by the ICMFS-Secretary-General with a proposal for a successful future


Resulting from our “permanent symposium” and personal experiences over many years as maxillofacial surgeon and ICMFS-presidium member I could learn many local and personal differences in our wonderful profession worldwide, especially in the training of our young colleagues and also in the coordination of our meetings.

We have many local, regional, international groups, societies, associations and colleges, but not all speak together and respect the other really.

To strengthen and to improve our profession and resulting a better patients care it could be a vision for the future to create a global platform for all these groups . It can be a federation or union and so on, but the name is not so important like to come and to stay in cooperative contacts. H.-A. Gitt,MD,DMD, FIAMFS, FIAOO, FACOMS Secretary-General of ICMFS