News and reports

Presidium meeting of ICMFS during the 27th ICMFS- Congress


Following the agenda by president M.Mesterovic the presidium worked on the topics:

  1. Welcome and report on the congress preparations (C.Krenkel,H.-A.Gitt). The preparations let expect a very successful meeting. 10 sponsors (among them Austrian Airlines) supported the congress. Besides numerous famous speakers from Austria, Germany and other European countries we were successful in winning international topspeakers like for facial reconstruction: B.Bojovic (USA); B.Devauchelle(France), for oncology: J.Shah (USA); L.Kowalsk (Brazil), for TMJ: D.Laskin (USA), for psychodiagnostics: E.C.J.Hakman (Netherlands) and so on.
  2. Membershipreport (H.-A.Gitt): 28 colleagues from 12 countries made an application for membership. The presidium confirmed the applications.