News and reports

Presidium meeting during the congress

24.05.2008 in Shanghai/China

Following the agenda by president J.R.Westine we worked on the topics:

  1. Welcome and report on the congress preparation .M.Mori and H.-A.Gitt were invited by Prof.Qiu 2007.
  2. Membershipreport (J.R.Westine, H.-A. Gitt, K. Mogi): no changed situation against Grado. The colleagues in traditional regions are overloaded with different meetings.
  3. Treasurer’s report (H.-J.Hochstein): Income for 2008 until May 24 this year 2999 USD. The report is discussed and confirmed.
  4. Congress 2008: 12 countries, pre-meeting AO-symposium, 12 panels, 2 symposiums, 134 free oral papers, 209 posters, industrial exhibition Chairmanships by ICMFS-officers:.Westine, Shimizu, Mogi, Gitt, Mori. High scientific level, excellent organization. During the Gala Prof.Qiu and Zhang were nominated as Fellow of ICMFS by president J.R.Westine following a proposal by Secr.-General H.-A.Gitt.
  5. The meeting elected Prof.Kenji Mogi from Japan as new president of ICMFS. Congratulations! Prof. Mogi asked in his statement for further improvement in communication and ways to win new members.
  6. Next meetings.:November 2008-Panafrican Congress in Nigeria (supported by past-president J.R.Westine at the same time as director of the foundation); November 2009-Cairo/Egypt (vice-president El Mardenly); 2010 may be again in conjunction with ICOOC in Prague/Czech Rep. (Councillor A.K.Varma), Belgrade/Serbia (former vicepresident Cvetinovic) 2011 and later – Japan, Belgium, Spain, Senegal, Vietnam, Germany.
  7. Foundation (J.R.Westine): The director reports on the very successful activities in Nepal and Nigeria. The actual account is 152.000 USD. Further projects could be in Guatemala (Councillor Asensio,past-president J.R.Westine,vice-president T.Kimura), in Nigeria and in special hospitals in Myanmar (CouncillorThet Hta Way). For the foundation see