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Presidium meeting during the 5th ICMFS-congress

09.06.2005 in Japan

The meeting took place in the Maebashi Terrsa Congress Center.

Present:J.R.Westine, President, M.Shimizu; Honorary-presid.,T. Kimura; Past-presid., H.-A.Gitt;Secretary-General, H.-J.Hochstein; Treasurer, E.Fossion; Vice-presid.,K.Mogi; Congresspresident and Councillor


  1. Report on the 5th Congress.Many thanks to K.Mogi for the excellent preparation of this successful event.
  2. Development of the International Foundation for Children with Craniofacial Disorders.
  3. Treasurer report for 2004.
  4. Future meetings and events: The presidium authorized the Secr.-General to prepare the symposium during the next ICOOC.Further planned meetings are in Spain,India,Turkey.