News and reports

Presidium meeting and General Assembly of ICMFS during the 28th ICMFS Congress

27.11.2014 in Cancun

Invitation by the ICMFS-President M.Mesterovic with the agenda:

  1. Greetings and thank to the Congresspresident T.Kimura(vicepresident and Fellow of ICMFS) by M. Mesterovic,
  2. Report of T.Kimura: Unfortunately the Mexican Assoc.changed the dates for its meeting in the last weeks.
  3. Treasurer’s report by H.-J.Hochstein was confirmed. Payment with CC should be possible in future. The president will prepare this with his bank.
  4. Members (H.-A. Gitt) 48 new members including one corporate member from the Philippines. The Secretary-General will send out the certificates.
  5. Planned events: 2015 Limassol/Cyprus. Report by Z.Nicolaou, the preparation is going well. Other planned congresses in Russia, Israel, UAE, may be Philippines (M. Mesterovic, H.-A. Gitt), China, Indien (M.Mori)
  6. Personalia: Proposed by the president Z.Nicolaou was confirmed as Vice-president, The Secretary-General will ask El Mardenly and The Tha Way for their cooperation in future. Proposed by H.-A. Gitt J.P. Shah was confirmed as Honorary member of ICMFS.
  7. The permanent symposium is continued (H.-A. Gitt).