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04.11.2019 in Oita/Japan

With great sadness we take notice of the message from the demise of the longstanding ICMFS-officer Prof. Dr. Masatsugu Shimizu in Oita .We lost a great leader and thank him for many years of service for the ICMFS (1991 as president-elect,1993-1997 as president and starting 2001 as honorary-president).

Because of his excellent experiences and his friendly manner  M.Shimizu was a wonderful teacher and speaker. He was for many years president of the JSOT and the Dental Assoc. Kyushu.He was member of editorial boards of various scientific journals worldwide.

We all miss him and will not forget the time with him. Our sympathy with his family.

A memorial session will be prepared by T.Kimura and H.-A. Gitt for the 32nd ICMFS-Worldcongress in Mahe in December 2020.