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Meeting of presidium members and Foundation for Children with Cranio-Facial Disorders

29.03.2007 - 01.04.2007 in Madrid

The present members confirmed the next events of ICMFS in Kathmandu/Nepal, Shanghai/China, Cairo/Egypt.
Other proposals came from Lituvia, Nigeria and Yugoslavia to be confirmed at the next presidium meeting 2007/08.

Main topic of the discussion was the first project of our foundation. Director J.R.Westine reported on. The foundation has raised 131TUSD until the end of March 2007, which is enough to make first steps in establishing a treatment center.

T.Kimura, H.-A.Gitt, C.Navarro Vila and S. Benarroch confirmed the propopsal by J.R.Westine to establish either a North or East African Institution for children with cranio-facial disorders as soon as possible. ICMFS and Foundation have already important contacts in these areas.

We also have at least a dozen wellknown surgeons who have volunteered to assist in establishing the treatment center. Furtherone J.R.Westine introduced the first brochure and CD to inform about the foundationĀ“s aims. In addition, we were pleased to visit the maxillo-facial training programm at the University Hospital Madrid (it belongs with nearly 2700 beds to the greatest Europe), hosted by it`s chairman Prof.Carlos Navarro Vila.