News and reports

First presidium meeting of ICMFS during the 29th ICMFS-Congress

05.10.2015 in Limassol

  1. Report on preparation of the 29th ICMFS-Congress (Z.Nicolaou): more than 400 participants from more than 40 countries. The president thanks Z.Nicolaou for the excellent job as congresspresident (M.Mesterovic).
  2. Control of the presidium minutes from November 27,2014 by the Secretary-General (H.-A. Gitt)
  3. Treasurer’s report cancelled – because of an accident of the treasurer on the way to Limassol.
  4. Personalia:Confirmation of the proposed awards for J.P. Shah (incl. Honorary membership), D.M.Laskin (incl. Honorary membership), M.R.Knezevic (inkl. Fellowship) and Ch.Martis by the presidium.Proposed as new vice-president B.Bojovic (USA).
  5. Preparation and repeated invitation for the General Assembly (Oct.9,2015) by the president(M.Mesterovic)