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Congress of ICMFS

09.06.2005 - 11.06.2005 in Maebashi/Japan

The 5th Congress of ICMFS (23rd of the group:18 as IAMFS, 5 as ICMFS) after the name changing took place in the “Terrsa Congress Center” under the chaimanship of K. Mogi, professor and chairman of the Dept. of Stomatology and Maxillo-Facial-Surgery, Subdiv. Oncology, Div.of Biosystem. Medicine from the Gunma University.

This congress was supported by the Japan Society for Oral Tumors and the Gunma Dental Association.

420 participants from 14 countries took part. At June 9 following the opening ceremony and the introductions by Honorary -president M.Shimizu and President J.R.Westine you could study experiences from different countries in many papers during the International day. In the afternoon a symposium “Dentistry in the world” discussed the trends in our professional field. During the Japanese day(June 10) we could hear famous scientists from Japan, like Shimizu, Seto, Mori, Kanda, Ikemura and so on.

The next International day (June 11) showed special lectures about nuclear medicine, neck diss, biological characteristics of tumors, regulation of bone formation and molecular markers for oral precancer and cancer. Another group discussed the wide field of dental implants.

24 posters completed the highlevel scientific programm. The industriell exhibition with 14 companies (like Nobel Biocare,Straumann,Stryker) was an useful complement.

Finally the Japanese Society awarded two scientists for their papers and appointed to “Honorary members of the JSOT” :E.Fossion (Belgium) for oncology and H.-A.Gitt (Germany) for dental implants. All breaks and the evenings were full of wonderful Japanese events and shows, mostly performed by members of the Gunma University.

Professor Mogi and his team and staff were successful in preparing and organizing an unforgetable event.