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Congress in conjuction with 12th ICOOC

22.05.2008 - 25.05.2008 in Shanghai/China

Councillor K. Mori and Secr-.Gen. H.-A.Gitt were invited by Prof. Wei-liu Qiu (President of 12th ICOOC and 24th ICMFS- Congress) to the Ninth People`s Hosp. Shanghai, Jiao Tong Univ., Dental School” (May 11-15,2007)  The 24th Congress (6th of ICMFS) of the group took place in Shanghai Intern. Convention Center under presidentship of Wei-liu Qiu. Organizer was the Ninth People’s Hosp. Together with the General-Secretaries (A.K.Varma,ICOOC and H.-A.Gitt,ICMFS) the local organiz. committee (Chen-ping Zang,Zhi-yuan Zang) was successful in preparing and carrying out a really great meeting on a high scientific level and a masterpiece of organization.

Colleagues from 12 countries came to Shanghai to discuss and change their experiences covering all fields of maxillofacial surgery, mainly oncology.

We had a pre-meeting AO-advanced symposium, 12 panels, 2 symposiums, 134 free papers and 209 posterpresentations. A great industrial exhibition with national and international medical companies showed newest trends.

All this, completed by a very inviting social programm (Gala,river cruising), made this meeting in one of the most interesting cities of the world unforgetable for all who came. During the Gala Prof. Qiu and Zhang were nominated as Fellow of ICMFS. The presidium meeting of ICMFS took place in Riverside Oriental Hotel at May 24.2008 ,2,00 pm. Prof. K.Mogi from Japan was elected as new president.