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8th International Congress on Oral Cancer in Rio de Janeiro

29.12.2002 in Rio de Janeiro

The congress (General Secretary is our councillor A.K.Varma (India) took place together with the 2nd World Congress of Head and Neck Oncologic Societies and the 1st Intern. Symposium of Rehabilitation and Speech Therapy in Head and Neck Cancer in the Sofitel Rio Palace Hotel.

630 participants from 29 countries. Most impressive speaker J.P.Shah from N.Y. Congresspresident was N.Herter from Brazil, very successful in organizing an interesting and unforgetable event.

Many of our members took part. Our presidiummembers in Rio: H.-J.Hochstein (Germany) and H.-A.Gitt (paper:Metastases in Lip and Oral Cancer) (Germany).

Furtheron took part our Councillor K.Vinzenz (Austria). 

Following the meeting some worthful contacts between Brazilian and European colleagues could be closed by the activities of the ICMFS.