News and reports

27th World Congress of ICMFS

05.03.2013 - 09.03.2013 in Congress Center Bad in Hofgastein/Austria

With the motto”Restoration of Orofacial Functions” Congresspesident C. Krenkel organized a very high level scientific event.

During the opening ceremony M.Shimizu/Japan gave a honorary lecture “Influence and contribution of H.Pichler to Japan”.

First day topics were:

  1. Implantology with Hakman (Netherlands); Grunert (Austria); Konstantinovic (Serbia); Fritzemeier (Germany).
  2. Augmentation with Ewers (Austria); Neumeyer and Stelzel (Germany); Thor (Sweden); Bradtner ,Krenkel, Gaggl (Austria). The welcome reception was sponsored by the local tourist office.the second day continued Augmentation with Smeets ((Germany); Rachmiel (Israel); Lutz (France) and others.
  3. TMJ/Trauma: very intereting was the paper by D.M.Laskin (USA), other like Adigelazov and Medvedev (Russia) continued.
  4. TMJ Reconstruction with Gaggl and Krenkel (Austria); Dimitrijew et all (Serbia).
  5. orthognatic Sugery was discussed by Zeilhöfer (Switzerland); Wangerin (Germany); Kisnisci (Turkey); Jagielak (Poland); Rao (India), Nicolaou (Cyprus) and some Austrian colleagues.
  6. Craniofacial reconstruction started with Petzel (Germany) and was highlightened with Devauchelle (France) and Bojovic (USA). Resulting psychological problems in these cases were underlined. The day was closed by an excellent Gala dinner in the Old Kursaal.
  7. In the cleft session reported on own results Kimura (Mexico); Knezevic (Spain); Mori (Japan); Hirsch (Sweden); Westine (USA) (also about the International Foundation).
  8. Cancersurgery (chairmen: Gitt (Germany) and Virag (Croatia). J.P.Shah (USA) reported on the “Surgeon’s role in Multidisciplinary Care” in a very impressive lecture. Further authors were Kowalsk (Brazil); Bull (Germany); Stasic (Serbia); Hashimoto (Japan); Hachleitner, Singl (Austria) continued.
  9. With risc patients were occupied Smeets (Germany).
  10. Free topics worked on odontogenic infections, hyperbaric oxygen, gene-activated bone, cell transformations via TGF-beta secretion and PPR. Closing was a symposium with very informative results chaired by the Secretary- General “Training in Maxillo-Facial-Surgery-an international comparison”. A poster session and an industrial exhibition gave a frame to the interesting papers.