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25th Congress joint with 13th Congress of Serbian Assoc. and 2nd Meeting of Max.fac.Surgeons of Balkan

27.10.2010 - 30.10.2010 in Belgrade/Serbia

Congress president N.Jovic and org.committee president M.Mesterovic were very successful in preparing and carrying out an excellent meeting, taking place in the Sava Centar, at the same place like 20 years before the 15th IAMFS-Congress.

The congress started with an AOCMF-Symposium on mandible fractures (Oct.27) under chairmanship of the scientific committe president V.Konstantinovic. 223 colleagues from 23 countries worldwide presented and changed their experiencies,covering all fields of maxillofacial surgery in 31 plenary sessions, 58 oral presentations and exact 100 poster presentations.

At the last day more than 400 medical staffs (nurses and so on) were trained in a special symposium. Besides the scientific programm 15 international companies participated as sponsors and exhibitors. The social programm framed the meeting also on a high level (Welcome reception with members of the royal family, Musical”Hair”, Gala dinner).

On October 28th all congressists were invited for cocktail reception and main speech on occasion of the 30th anniversary of Max.-Fac.-Surgery in the Zemun Hospital. The ICMFS-presidium meeting under chairmanship of ICMFS-president K.Mogi took place in the Sava Centar at October 29th. Congress president N.Jovic was nominated as “Fellow of ICMFS”. As new vice-presidents were elected : R.Kisnisci (Turkey), M.Mesterovic (Serbia) and Thet Hta Way (Myanmar). 

Congratulations! As Honorary Members of the Serbian Association of Maxillofacial Surgeons were appointed K.Mogi/Japan and H.-A.Gitt/Germany.