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11th International Congress on Oral Cancer jointly with Annual Meeting of ICMFS

14.05.2006 - 17.05.2006 in Grado/Italy

More than 500 participants from 53 countries made this meeting in the Palazzo dei Congressi of Grado under the chairmanship of M.Piemonte, MD, PhD to an unforgetable event with the topic”Modern concepts and new trends in oral cancer pathology”.

M.Piemonte, F.Badellino, G.Cortesina and A.K.Varma were successful in organizing a programme with 59 keynotes and academic lectures, 15 podium sessions, 9 symposiums, 3 panels, 3 monothematic courses and 46 posters on high scientific level. From ICMFS:H.-A.Gitt “Prognostical evaluation…” K.Vinzenz “Oral and midface reconstruction…”.

We had a specific industriell exhibition and a wonderful impressive social programme. The ICOOC-meeting was jointly with the annual meeting of ICMFS at May 16,2006. The faculty meeting discussed the proposals for the next meeting, prepared by Chenping Zhang DDS, MD, PhD from China,and decided to have the 12th ICOOC in Shanghai in May 2008.