News and reports

10th International Congress on Oral Cancer

19.04.2005 - 24.04.2005 in Island of Crete

More than 600 colleagues from 52 countries made this meeting under the chairmanship of A.D.Rapidis, MD, DDS, PhD, to a very great,well organized event in the impressive Creta Maris Conference Center.

4 Grand debates and 14 keynote orations gave an overview on highest level, besides 36 academic lectures,24 podium sessions and 18 symposiums we could study 202 posters.

From ICMFS: H.-A.Gitt “Distant metastases…”. The industriell exhibition companies invited to 2 satellite symposiums about the PDT-treatment and EGFR-targeting therapy. Faculty meetings discussed the future of ICOOC and chaired by M.Piemonte and F. Badellino the preparation of the next ICOOC-event in Grado/Italy in May 2006. The members agreed.

At the beginning of the ICOOC-meeting there was founded the International Academy of Oral Oncology (Pres.:J.P.Shah, Vice-pres.:J.L.Lefevre, Secr.-gen.:C.Scully, treasurer:J.Langdon)